MONDAY 15/06/20

Congestion Charge

London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s transport policies will be responsible for the failure of hundreds of businesses warns businessman Rob Wicker, founder of Tdorr Property Maintenance, whose business operates mainly inside the M25.

The changes recently implemented by the Mayor include: a 30% increase in the congestion charge now extended to seven days a week and including evenings, the reintroduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zones and car free zones. Cars and lorries may also be banned from Waterloo Bridge and London Bridge. Mr Wicker says:

‘Mayor Khan seems incapable of understanding the impact these changes will have on businesses which need to get into and across London in vans to service the needs of their customers. As a property maintenance company, our vans are essential to our business and reaching clients in time to deal with their emergencies is vital. Increasing our costs and cutting off access to important routes across London affects our customers, our business and increases carbon emissions as we are forced to find other routes around the Capital.

‘These restrictions make it even more challenging for businesses already struggling due to Covid-19 so we would urge Mayor Khan to rethink his plans for the good of small businesses in the South East and the economy as a whole’.

To interview Rob Wicker or for further comments, contact Ceri-Jane Hackling on 07801513015.