Blocked, broken or flooded, we sort of love it!

Introduction header to Tdorr Plumbing

When was the last time you thought about your drains? Exactly. They don’t play a part in life until something goes wrong. Blocked loos; broken sewers; storm flooding; the story is the same. But the good news is, we’ve got this. Tdorr is used to tackling the toughest of tasks, saving you the… inconvenience. Blocked, broken or flooded, the only number you need is 0800 056 4000

Our drainage services include:

1. Blocked toilets

Least said; soonest mended? We totally agree. There could be one or two reasons why your WC isn’t working (and yup, often it’s number two) but – whatever the problem – just call us!

2. Blocked drains

Indoors or outdoors, you’d be amazed what we’ve found ‘beyond the sink or grid’. Truly, it isn’t just chip fat and leaves. Genuinely, how do jewellery and (small) pets get down there?

3. CCTV surveys

Often, the answer to that question can be found at the end of a tiny camera on the end of a really long cable. Isn’t technology incredible? Our fully qualified CCTV team is standing by…

4. Drain maintenance

We’re not going to turn this into a lecture but ¬– especially when it comes to outdoor drains – prevention is better than cure. Annual (at least) cleaning is well worth considering

5. Jetting, rodding; excavation; pumping

Cleaning could include any of the above and, from the smallest domestic job to major commercial site inspections, Tdoor is equipped to unblock any drain, any way necessary

6. Saniflos

We are an approved installer of Saniflo domestic and commercial pumps and macerators. When space is tight or gravity isn’t on your side, a Saniflo product could be the answer

One of the most helpful & efficient contractors I’ve had the pleasure of working with in 13 years of property management
Louise Bobb