All power to you

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When it comes to electrics, expertise trumps enthusiasm, every time. All Tdorr electrical engineers are experienced, fully qualified and NICEIC registered. Across the capital, we have remedied faults, supplied, tested & installed fixtures, fitting & appliances, run cabling or shone a light on what’s possible with power! Don’t leave your electrics to chance, give the experts a call / 0800 056 4000

Our electrical service es include

1. Indoors and outdoors

These days, it’s possible to be every bit as creative with outdoor electrics as it is indoors. We are experts in both, whether it’s lighting, installing power sources or hooking-up a jacuzzi!

2. Installs

And when it comes to full installations such as kitchens, integrated audio systems or heavy duty supply for business, you can rely on Tdorr. We got the power…

3. Emergencies & inspections

Please refer to the EMERGENCY tab for fuller details of what to check for if you suspect an electrical issue; reduce the chances of a problem occurring with a regular Tdorr inspection

4. Fault finding & testing

Like most things, there are many reasons why electrics might malfunction, from a simple manufacturing fault to the sheer age of the system. We know how to find out why

5. Rewiring

Customers sometime hear the word ‘rewire’ and fear the worst but it isn’t necessarily so onerous and, sometimes, it’s the only smart option, eg: in old / badly maintained properties

6. Fuseboards

You really do need a decent fuseboard in the event of a power outage, you need to know whether it’s a localised problem (ie: just your property) or because of a power cut

Very professional and knowledgeable. Prices are in-line with the current market and works have always been to a high quality
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